Rich Homie Quan – A.M. [New Music]

New music here by Rich Homie Quan off his new mixtape ‘DTSPACELY MADE THIS’ entitled “A.M.,” produced by DTSpacely.

I sleep with my bible, say my prayers every morning
Wiping coal out my eyelids while I’m piss in and yawning
Bi**hes do be wanting try s**t, I can tell that she horny
You can tell I work night shifts, when you see me in on it
Boy my eyes are so red now like the strings on bologna
All I see is your head now cause this beam it got focus
And that pistol stay on me if you get wrong it’s unloading
And like a kindergarten student I don’t tell it I show it

Rich Homie Quan – A.M. Lyrics

Listen full track below.