Young Thug – Wood Would Lyrics

Thugga, Wheezy!
Yeah, Yeah, yeah, Yeaahh!

Rastafari, smoking on Marley
Mama I’m sorry, got it outta order hey
Balling like I’m spalding, b**ch I’m only starting
Blowing Money, call it balling, put some rims inside the water
Everything I say I do it, hoes only wish I couldn’t
Eat that jello like pudding, put this log in her life, no wood
Before I leave, I’ma make sure that she would

(Verse 1)
I won’t be a pet, no counseling, I’m goin make it work
I’ll shoot but I ain’t talking no bird
I’m screaming flex, she screamin flirt
And now she on me like a perk, my f**king weed smell like a turd
I just made 10Mill off of merch
When I take boost I’m so alert
Droppin my top when I pull up
They bring out the block for me..S-R-K-T
Capital Join cause they know there’s no stopping me
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!
Got my weight up
I must’ve been eating my beef and my broccoli
Bossed up young ni**a
Man I don’t hit the Mall, they shop for me

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Running my money up for all my kids and my ni**as
B**ches dont try me they know i bang red I can’t never be cuz
Don’t care if you cousin boy it’s disrespectful if you call me cuz
I’m having toys and them toys no R Us
Come get your bi**h off my d**k, s**king my blood like a tick
And I cannot feel her stop it, yeah!
We are the best, Dominick, I zipped down my pants
She gone snort like a pig, she gone Out of control
Lil Mama know she got a ni**a out of control
She know I’ma bring out the sauce just like Chipotle
Shawty pu**y wet as a ocean and I know it

(Repeat Chorus)