Ryme Minista – Straight Like Arrow Lyrics

Man straight like arrow
Wi nuh bend up and narrow
You know how much money the rifle value
Caw mi set the trend
Mi nuh beg, mi nuh barrow

Straight like harrow
Wi nuh bend up and narrow
Bwoy head a fly like kite
Could a day or night
Yeah mi a dweet right

(Verse 1)
When you si mi touch Salem side
Fish scale dem hide when the K dem rise
Space man, the alien rise
Suh when dem a talk mi nuh hear dem noise
Mi tel yo life like gamble
Suh mi know somebody haffi buy candle
No bwoy cyaa run in a the lane
Mi nuh wrastle or tangle
Him get one out a the triangle
Unknown carva
When Flanka shrub out people more than we
And if mi nuh deh, deh-suh
Mi deh a Half-Street
Lock off heart beat
Kill people fi fun all day
Suh you cyaa catch mi a drink run all day
Mi naw left mi gun out deh
Si mi and run out, yo waan get burn out deh

(Repeat Chorus

(Verse 2)
Him get bright, yo life haffi dim out
Run out wid the spinners and meck everything spin out
From a war mi nuh fling out
Rise fi mi one, two, three, mi a dim out
Put in a a race
Done the whole magazine in a yo face
From yo diss yo cyaa live out
When mi seh sivva a nuh sand mi a siv out

(Repeat Chorus 2X)