Quarterback (feat. Quavo, Offset & PeeWee Longway) Lyrics

(Intro – Young Thug)
Ninth grade
Listen ni**a

(Chorus – Young Thug)
Ninth grade, quarterback, Washington High
We just in the trap, all these rules apply
Keep it in your lap, not to the side
Been so successful, all your cars glide
Breathe easy, bi**h I might just teach ya
Not a pleaser, I might Mickey Ds her
Top rope, I might John Cena, scene her
Got in a ni**a, aye, no meal

(Verse 1 – Young Thug)
Momma d**k eating good like she posed to
Spent a dub on my teeth and my Ghost too
Spent a sixty on the bracelet call it old news
Spent a dime on the red carpet oh, oh
So many black things on her look like a goatee
Pop pills every week
Your b**ch gon s**k me, look like she don’t got no teeth
She even s**k it better than the time she ordered me
Bring a Molly, yeah I’ll see
I’m smoking pack while you smoke weed
Just cause I’m signed, don’t mean treat me

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Quavo)
Fifty bands on your head, my ni**as take the charge
All of my ni**as one thousand, they get it
Your ni**as, you flexing, and flossing
Two bi**hes with me they ménaging
I f**k them, then smash them, put them on the market
I make them go cook and they bring me the money back
Move in silent like camouflaging
Shoutout skipper the flipper, came up from nickles
Green diamonds like a dill pickle
Everybody know that I’m in the field
Drinking and pouring a double seal
Remember the days when I would roll one
And taking trips across the country just for money
You f**k with my squad then they start thumping
Take the pot and slam dunk it, Tim Duncan

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Offset)
These ni**as be watching they speculate
Feeling myself but no masturbation
I’m 22, rich with no education
The world’s gonna end one day, read it in Revelations
Good girl she deserve a scholarship
The pistol like lighters, you know that I pocket it
These bi**hes be calling my phone
And I’m making, I’m dabbing
And know my diamonds came in from Africa
Smoking on Salvia that came from El Salvador
Got on my Cartier eating on caviar
She be super licking on a ni**a
Double down FN shooting out missiles
Cowards get attention like a ni**a when he whistle
Them ni**as caught you slripping cause you didn’t have a pistol
OG gas bag and I flip it like a nickle
Two bi**hes with me ni**a, call me Malcolm in the middle

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 4 – Peewee Longway)
Ninth grade I was serving quarterpound
Trap rules, ni**a scrap, jugging pounds
Make them move it like John Cena
Catch a ni**a bi**h while I’m eating
Diamonds on my neck blinging
In the phantom opera leaning
Two double cup got me feigning
I dream of genie bi**hes in bikinis
They dreaming for the fettuccine
Pull up and drop my top off like Houdini
Giuseppe’s on my feet, some foreign zebras
Motor fitted, dabbing in the Lee
Sit ya ass down like I’m Beanie Sigel
What’s cracking, cripping ni**a, twisting fingers
Longway and Thugger the nina
I slip in your club with the forty and nina
Look at his head call it buzzle bee
Smoking OG that I mix with the Ds
Gavanchi walking on the stars
Look at these bi**hes, just eat it up
Choke on the d**k, she just skeet it up
Pull up in a f**king Bentley truck
Longway bi**h