Mac Miller – Brand Name Lyrics

(Verse 1)
We in between heaven and hell
F**k your 9 to 5, I’d rather end up dead or in jail
American ninja to these obstacles
No stopping me, we on the move
Your mouth running like a prostitute’s
Keep your head to yourself
I work harder than anybody you know
I’m done with tricks, don’t need no money to blow
Deadly aim, self contained
Superstar, they yell the name
Blood diamonds, finna go to hell for my chain
The P fitted on my head though
I’m too high, you can’t reach me with the cell phone
No goodbyes, no hellos
You don’t want this life I live
You’d rather had the wife and kid
Shooting dice with Jesus Christ, put 20 on the midnight
To everyone who sell me drugs
Don’t mix it with that bullsh*t I’m hoping not to join the twenty seven club
Just want the coke dealer house with the velvet rug
F**k the world there’s no one else but us

Everything we think we love
It ain’t nothing but a brand name
To everyone but us
Ain’t nothing but a brand name, nothing but a brand name
Ask her what she wearing, say it’s nothing but a brand name
Baby, this right here is hand made

(Verse 2)
I got brothers I don’t need no friends
My shoes off I’m comfortable, I’m chilling smoking weed again
I’m from the Burgh not the burbs
Investigating my nation, homie we ain’t concerned
We’re from the 412 out to the 310
We’re from the pavement in my basement to them yellow brick roads
See, I was on my Ps & Qs like L-M-N-O
But kicking bi**hes out my crib, somebody tell em go home, I don’t know
I was in the crib with my different sh*t
Simple living, I’m a hypocrite
Cause I’m filthy rich, I got businesses
Been had wifey’s, have mistresses
Been tryna tell you what my vision is, but y’all still ain’t listening
The war ain’t winning, it just beginning
And I’ve been bout Sparta like Michigan
I got stats, they got opinions, I got facts
The bro left home, but he came back
This what raised me, made me rap
PA’s baby, I ain’t been to PA lately
See, I left, they call me shady
I’m a white rapper, they always call me shady
Got no idea what I’m contemplating, I guess

(Repeat Chorus)

La, la, la, la
La, la, la, la
La, la, la, la
Everyday we love, love
Good morning
La, la, la, la
Good morning
And everyone want-
Good morning
La, la, la, la
Good morning