Laden – Simple As You See It Lyrics

As simple as you see it
Our links dem stink in a the street
So when the gyal dem si mi dem a greet mi
Kiss mi pon mi cheek, mi show mi dimple and mi teeth

As easy as mi flow
Still a go hard and a live mi life you no
In a mi mind mi not even have a doubt
The girls mi cyaa live mi life without

(Verse 1)
Anytime mi step out in a mi lockas
In a mi dark glass
Gyal a seh mi fly mi no have on wing a pass
Seh shi want the link mi seh si mi pin yah fast
You know a win mi win her heart
Every gyal a mine, some no really know yet
Caw wi deal wid gyal thing like a project
Gyal a study me and mi a no subject
Mi have some set a gyal dem never tell mi no yet

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
The gyal dem love mi and me love them
Nuff gyal links so mi a seal up dem
have a gyal name Stacy give mi 3 brown friend
Mi wi barrow gyal but me don’t lend
Gyal thing to wi is nothing
Easy wi get gyal, wi must win
The gyal dem love how mi grow slim
Who a the gyal dem man no must Jim

(Repeat Chorus)