Versatile – Straight Lyrics

Yow Jordan yo know wi love the gyal dem till death
So we and dem cyaa part

Gyal alone, tell dem a gyal alone wi love
Gyal alone, Chimney a gyal alone wi love

Cause wi straight
From mi born
Yea fi get gyal a my hobbies
No man could a ever touch my body
Jordan anywhere mi go mi seh mi get gyal nuff
Anywhere mi go mi get gyal

Tyrone anywhere mi go mi seh mi get gyal nuff
Be R mi seh wi have nuff gyal

(Verse 1)
Tell dem mi straight from mi head go down to mi instep
Gyal mi love and a so mi thing set
Persie no spend paw man inna gyal my money invest
Inna gyal mi money invest
Mi no miss when mi aim and buss the wind chest
Man a king but mi study princess
No matter if a gyal ugly mi haffi show mi interest
From a woman mi love the link yes

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi seh mi love gyal so much, so mi couldn’t go the wrong way
That mean mi couldn’t go the man way
Gyal come inna mi place and a tell mi shi waan stay
Shi know no game mi naw play
MI no deal wid butter, mi no deal wid horse stray
From the gyal dem mi naw stray
Love gyal till death
Love them till mi last day
And mi no love woman half way

(Repeat Chorus)

Jordan wi have gyal in every area
Gyal from new york to Jamaica
Gyal pon every achier a land
Scot land to England
A so wi tan
Portland to Westmorland
Real gyallis, wid gyal wi no keep malice
Every gyal want a piece a this
Dem waan feature this
Waan gi me a kiss

(Repeat Chorus)

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