Wale – Spoiled Lyrics

Just spoil that girl
Just spoil that girl
F**k em yo

I got my wallet on me, all eyes on us
One hand on the moon
Both eyes on you
And I’mma prolly OD
Spend a little time on it
Never mind your friends, spend it all on you
I got this money on me, all eyes on us
One hand on the moon
Both eyes on you
And I’mma prolly OD
Spend a long time on it
And never mind your friends, I spend it all on you
New s**t from Bergdorf, new s**t from Virgil
Is your hair right? And what do you know?
She love that Saint Laurent, it’s never too much
She love Feragam, but she really fearing love
Get you with a chauffeur
Shouldn’t be driving baby, I ain’t sober
Would I be out of line if I came over?
Cause don’t nobody know ya like I know you

(Verse 1)
LOVE please come to me
I eat it up at dinner, make your knees start to buckle
Kick your feet up woman, take it easy for a second
Be at peace for a moment
I got my wallet on me, and that ain’t no bluff
They feel up their feelings quick
When you fill up the gold ones

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
I said please, time to have sex
Time is my chords and mine a Rollex
Yeah, never mind what folks say
They know my net worth, my gross is grotesque, igh
One hope for a minute
Seems for a minute
Back in the falling backwards for my dogs
Talk to my ni**as and
I’m too cool to trip off a chick who gold digging
Too much on Balmain, that’s too many zippers
Too many women don’t get my potential
I’m like Bishop Tutu with 2Pac aggression
It’s on me is it the vibe or the low?
You memorize the monologue
Dig it? I’m tryna get impromptu yeah
I do this for real
You do this a little
You knew I come through, my laptop got that hulu
Run through your hula hoop, no Netflix and chill
Hear your phone girl, why you not replying?
Oh my God, stop f**king lying

(Repeat Chorus)