T.I. – Peanut Butter Jelly ft. Young Thug, Young Dro Lyrics

(Bridge – Young Thug)
Peanut butter jelly, peanut butter jelly, peanut butter jelly
Peanut butter jelly, no deli
I got money, check the store credit
No new names unless you know they did it
Sleeping pants, watch it happen

(Chorus – Young Thug)
Brave, I keep it brave
I’m getting fast like a track
Baby that cap’s for the feds
Now that your ho, don’t tell all the secrets
I don’t give no damn bout no ni**a
I don’t give no f**k bout no ni**a
I promise, I promise
I throw me some ones on these bi**hes
I stack them hundreds to the ceiling
I look like I came from nothing
And I look like I came for something
And I’m coming, I want it
Yeah, I drink on that lean and I smoke that dope til I motherf**king vomit

(Verse 1 – T.I.)
Run up that check, give a f**k bout that s**t
I guess I…if I want that lil bi**h
They kept me with my strap on my own, that lil bi**h
I don’t answer no questions, won’t speak with my lawyer
Tell your boss I said one more phone call, that’s it
A lot of ni**a sh*t, talking you don’t ever get paid
Remember me, I’ve been bout it 10th grade
Riding round in my homeboy Buick
With a tool in the unit
We’d go to school, eat lunch
Cut school, get back to it, ni**a
Listen ni**a, this the Bankroll Mob
If you can’t go hard then you can’t come here
Let me make something clear
If you looking for a s**ker well it ain’t none here
Look we got to tell you everyday, we can spray from here
Hit your a*s on the side of the face somewhere
On the side of the road, let you lay somewhere

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Young Dro)
Okay, big paper
If I’m hungry, I eat 100 dollars then s**t paper
Sick flavor
Got the white double mint twin with me on Simpson
Swag impeccable, pecking a
Cases federal
I’m a felon, don’t throw it off, I need medical
Oh you regular, terrible, soft, and lame, etcetera
My ni**a, I wanna clap for twenty bricks
In the regal, pulling up at the ridge, extended heater
I got this sh*t on
I’m…man I got this s**t on
Ni**a you die soon as I say okay
My whip? That’s strawberry Yoplait
I got a chopper on the charger
You put a little gas in it, that motherf**ker blow about 4 days
Ni**as broke
And I’ve been leaning on Ac all in
And I’ve been smoking on gas all
Pulling up at the light no tag on
AK hit everybody in the stomach, pu**y ni**a s**t
Bag all day

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Young Thug)
I got the bread
Ya’ll bi**h’ll give me the head
F**k her on the sofa, not the bed
Hit that lil bi**h from the back
And I take out with your pack
And I’m not giving it back
I done lost all my respect
Don’t drink no red, we pour Act
Sipping on lean, it’s so crazy
I ride out that second, I swear I don’t know how to act
Keep it going in, so so with these carrots
My bi**h the baddest, but she not your average
She so, so arrogant, woah
Her titties calcium, my booty calories
And both of em squish me, God damn we savages
I do this s**t for my momma
Take off with your pack and keep running
I’m not the Birdman but I’m stunning
I flip that bi**h like a omelet
I’ve been with ya from the start
I did that s**t from my heart
I’m so so so sorry I hurt you
And I see the scar but you know I’m retarded

(Repeat Bridge & Chorus)