T.I. – Broadcast Live Lyrics

Broadcast live

OK we broadcast live from the west side
Where the real ni**a ride and the rest die
Ayy don’t be out here talking bout sh*t that you don’t know about
You catch a lick and do your time, you don’t testify
You keep your face cut good and your nose clean
Never trust the word of a dope fiend
Keep a strap at all times run them numbers up
If that ain’t what you want you ain’t one of us
We broadcast live

(Verse 1)
From a hellhole
You sell blow, better get enough to get an elbow
Or you ain’t s**t
You be the man when you seen bricks
And not before that
It ain’t gon be no s**ker s**t, you better know that
Prepare for the gunplay, and I count every one day
Happen that kept me with it and I’m back on the frontpage
Just play this s**t how it go, I follow the g-code
They so far up on ni**as they think u got a cheatcode
All I ever wanted was a widebody Benz
And a bad bi**h, you ain’t got no widebody friends
Ain’t never got a little hand em out
Long as I can keep the cheetah on me at the gambling house

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
From the mother, ni**a get high with they mother
To take they mind off they father go do some time for they brother
Boy you get caught with that bundle better not point at another
Fore you get hit with a tidal from which you never recover
My uncle mad tell me boy you better be the man
You better fight, they whoop your ass then you fight again…damn
Coming live from the trap spot
Get everything from a slab to a laptop cocaine
Divide the have from the havenots
Should twelve get on your ass, give them nothing but gas
Expecting nothing but dough money, spend it fast as it coming
In God we trust, for everyone else the cash all

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Ni**a we live and direct from the project
Where ni**as ain’t got s**t to lose, they ain’t got s**t
So when they get a little cheque, think they hot s**t
A pyrex and nine out of ten apartment
And hot s**t half price, ni**a hard s**t
And thot sh*t’ll turn around every week, but it did so you keep
If the neck game ain’t good if a lame ni**a peep
Ayy we’ll turn up through the week but on the weekend!

(Repeat Chorus)