Post Malone – #mood Lyrics

Homie you’s a window shopper
Mad at me, I think I know why
Homie you’s a window shopper
In the jewelry store looking at sh*t you can’t buy
Homie you’s a window shopper
At the dealership trying to get a test drive
Homie you’s a window shopper
Mad as f**k when you see me ride by

(Verse 1)
Everybody wanna talk sh*t on the internet
But they ain’t understand they see the work I put into it
I’m guessing all this bullsh*t just come with the benefits
20 years old, 20 carats my bezel heavy
Doors suicide they say a word in remembrance
And they just wanna see me fail but dawg I ain’t having it
They wanna tear me down and tell you younging you can’t handle it
And I’m just here to tell em their sh*t never happening
And I just flew by in a drop-top Porsche
Givenchy swim shorts like I hopped out the pool
Flu game pose people calling me the Goat
People getting heated s**t my rollie still cold
I got cha-ay-ange
Why you even looking? You ain’t paying
I’m still loyal what the f**k is ya’ll saying?
Even though my song stuck in your bi**h brain

(Repeat Chorus & Verse 1)