Juicy J – You Knew Lyrics

Ni**a, that chick you f**king with, she’s no good
I’m just keeping it real my ni**a, and shes just f**ked every ni**a with money
Football players, basketball players, rappers
If a ni**a got bread man, hes gonna get that pu**y man
As long as he got that sack and them drugs to get a bi**h, she gonna go
Don’t f**k with her, brother

You knew she was a bi**h when you met the bi**h
So why you wanna sweat and wanna threat that bi**h?
When you see another ni**a getting at the bi**h
Ain’t that bout a bi**h? A b**ch gon’ be a bi**h

(Verse 1)
How you love that dirty bi**h when you know I pass?
How you kiss her when you know she let your homie smash?
And everybody know her as the neighborhood hoe
You don’t wanna face the facts, you won’t let her go
You turn that ratchet bi**h into your baby mama
Boy, that pu**y got you blind like Stevie Wonder
That’s f**ked up, might may even be your baby
Turn a hoe into a house wife, you ni**as crazy
Stupid ni**a, now you wanna put a ring on her
We come to your town, do a show and run a train on her
She love that s**t, that freaky bi**h
Handcuffing ass ni**a, wanna keep that bi**h
Don’t save that hoe, she don’t wanna be saved
I’m about to scoop your bi**h up and put it in her face
Sorry homie, but that everybody bi**h
If I take her on my bus, I bet everybody hit

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

(Verse 2)
They thot digging in the club tryna find a victim
Man, these ni**a out they mind falling for these bi**hes
They f**king any ni**as with a little money
And you wanna take her home and make her your women
It be the main ni**as claim they pimping
Pay that dirty bi**h bills, ni**a you must be kidding
The bi**h ain’t got no job, got 3,4 kids
Can’t get mad at the hoe, she get it how she life
She s**k me good while you going to work
Old sneaker ass bi**h keep rubbers in her purse
Get that bi**h in VIP and she gon f**k for free
You buy that bi**h a drink and she might never leave
Get her to the room, she get on her knees
She just my kind of freak, she swallow faithfully
Sorry homie, but that everybody hoe
And the sad part about it is you already know

(Repeat Chorus 2X)