Iyara – Never Fear Lyrics

Wi nuh tek diss a yard
Suh wi would a never tek diss a road

Badman wi empty the woozy clip
Shoot of dem pu**y lip
Hallow point a nuh tip
Suh nuh that, suh nuh this
Shallow grave, shallow pit
Bury dem very quick

Never fear, mi nuh care
From a war mi ready
Kill dema night, and wi kill dem a day
Hand thing, the long thing
The A to the K
Anything in a mi hand mi a use it fi spray

Kingston, Trelawny to Gal-tego-bay
Rifle dem tall like the hand to the way
Hold dem in a crowd or wi si dem one a way
Anything in a mi hand mi a use it fi spray

(Verse 1)
War dem a chuck like a noris
Shot bite like Swares
Buss face, then buss of the case as Tavares
Rifle weh tall up like trees in the forest
Wi use it the target
Kill that regardless
Head shot dem get, watch dem drop pon the pallet
Bullet drive in and drive out like a starlet
Internal bleeding, the bullets dem gone in
Call it what you call it, mi left that fi the dog dem

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Fat shot in a yo face gun a buss again
Skin a get touch again
Marrow fly up again, marrow drop a ground again
Murder the f**ka dem
Ashes and dusk again
Crime scene, my war nuh dree like fi Tucker dem
Rifle back bruck already, don’t need fi bruk again
Upgrade the war game nuh press pon the clutch again
Bullet singing melody like…again
Duppy mi duppy up everything

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)