Juicy J – Ft. Project Pat & Wiz Khalifa Scrape Lyrics

(Intro – Juicy J & Kanye West)
Did he smoke something before he came out here?
The answer is yes I rolled up a little something
I’d be lying to you ni**as if I told you ni**as I was sober
Winner’s circle
We scraping up all this money man
The hustle continues

(Chorus – Juicy J)
I’m feeling faded and elevated
Buying everything so they can tell I made it
I’m rolling papers they trying fade us
I keep that money coming in I’mma scrape it
I’mma scrape it, I’mma scrape it, I’mma scrape it
I’mma scrape it, I’mma scrape it, I’mma scrape it
I’m rolling papers
Mane I’m faded
I’mma scrape it, I’mma scrape it, I’mma scrape it
I’mma scrape it, I’mma scrape it, I’mma scrape it

(Verse 1 – Juicy J)
Mane I’m blowing all this loud
I’ll be damned to let a ni**a take it
Im a stoner
Wake and bake at 8 no eggs and bacon
Plenty syrup, plently loud
Ni**a you ain’t heard
All this cake, a ni**a make it better then deserved
Keep the chopper on the lurk
Bombay quench my thirst
All these dead
Presidents I’mma need a hearse
I’m getting faded, I’m so high
Bout to spark, Captain Kirk
Wasting weed in my lap
Tryna roll up but I swerve
You say you not s**king d**k bi**h, you got some nerve
Put this condom on your ear hoe, f**k what you heard
I’m the s**t, you just a turd
You ain’t s**t mark my words
Got bi**hes who give me brain
Until I’m a nerd

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Wiz Khalifa)
They tryna talk about me cause I’m always staying positive
Riding clean, she waking up and cleaning that’s just how I live
Ni**as busy stressing, I’m just smoking weed and taking shots
Gotta keep the proper medication cause I think a lot
Fresh up out the Jacuzzi, smoking doobies in my subies
FaceTime her, bring her to the trap to watch some movies
Netflix, Champagne, Apple TV
You best believe it going down you f**king with a G

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Scrape it up, scoop it up
We just tryna pile it up
Buying drugs where I’m from
You might get f**ked like a slut
Medical Cali in my lungs
Hustlers hold them rollie’s up
My skinny my pockets fat
Like a Stromboli brah
In the club, sparkles on them bottles like 4th of July
Who can show for all the way to Dubai
Rolling papers smoking like a hippie, brains in the in the sky
Warrent like police asking me questions

Cause I’m 100 like a
Cigarello full of medical
Do no deals off the credit roll
We popping bottles and we staking dough

(Repeat Chorus)

Mane I’m as high as motherf**ker ni**a
I’m in Vegas right now you know what I’m saying
I’m in a big ass suite recording this damn song
F**k what you talking bout