Hit-Boy – Bussin Moves Ft. Pusha T & Quentin Miller Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Pusha T)
Brought Givenchy to the ghetto, you know who let the dogs out
Rottweiler t-shirts with their paws out
Who ain’t fly? F**k you ni**as talking bout?
When these birds of paradise got their claws out
Ni**as renting for their videos to ball out
Woo, the Spyder’s mine if I crawl out
God, we 4 wheeling cross 4 acres
Ni**a, f**k you stunting in a dollhouse?
Ha, this is concentrated teamwork
Yes, my foundation triple beam work
My codefendants ain’t codependent
Nah, G.O.O.D. Music where we screen first

(Chorus – Hit-Boy)
Still bussing moves like I’m Mike Jack
Moonwalking to the money bags
Bankroll calling, got a ni**a dancing
Dopeman, serving in a Thriller jacket
Still, still bussing moves
Bussing moves, bussing moves, zoom
Still, still bussing moves
Bussing moves, bussing moves

(Verse 2 – Hit-Boy)
Hit-Boy, still bussing
Big moves being made, by the dozen
Gold chains on my neck, zooming out in public
Got the Kenwood face, 2 15 subbing
I’m getting large amounts
She gon go, ain’t s**t to talk about
Only, only young ni**a in the opera house
Saying too much that is not allowed while I’m off the loud
Hit it, toss it out
That’s how the game go
Slip two racks to the waiter, she can keep the change though
Zooming in my lane, hoe, that’ll never stop
They love my s**t when it drop, I’m the ghetto Bach
Clocking hella knots and I’m

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Quentin Miller)
Okay lowkey I’ve been putting on for a minute
Money keep coming in so I keep spending
Chain hang down to my pendants like Pimp C I’m big pimping
Big Zs when you use zooming in a sentence
Yeah, yeah, okay we’ve been putting on for a minute, minute, okay
Okay my team been putting on for a minute
Young QM, rap game Harry Potter
New slave game, Nike on us like we sponsored
1317, HS87 been a problem
You can ask Hit about it