Blak Ryno – Street Life Lyrics

Mi nuh know bout no free life
Mi grow rough, mi know bout the street life
Pon the block the high grade meck mi feel right
Mi feel like the real vibes, mi feel nice
Summer time pon the beach side
Gyal a gwaan bad, see her pon the sea bike
Live yo life the way how you feel like
Live mi life the way how mi feel like
Mi naw let go, mi love it and wi cyaa let go
Mi need money and mi naw let go
Suh tell badmind, nuh watch mine, nuh watch mine, nuh watch mine

Naw let go, love it and wi naw let go
If money deh, deh, suh
Wi gone deh suh

(Verse 1)
The headline mi naw cost, mi naw cost
Mi roll out hungry and mean
Touch the road, mi gone serch fi the money weh mi need
Man fresh like 30lbs a weed
Whole a the money mi bring in
You better try stay out a my way

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi nuh know when a the end a my journey
Mi pickney dem fi rich from early
Cause man a suffer round here
Mi nuh si weh you do fi the broke around here
Mi have a bread fi be cut around here
Suh nuh ramp wid the butter round here