Rick Ross – Icon ft. Anthony Hamilton Lyrics

Yeah, oh
Down here in the ghetto
I can’t see em running down my eyes
So I gotta make the song cry
This is where dreams are made
I can’t see em running down my eyes
So I gotta make the song cry

(Verse 1 – Rick Ross)
I just came to get the millions
I just came for the millions
Young Hov, I see you ni**a
I got the Blueprint in my back pocket ni**a
I did what you told me ni**a
Look at me ni**a, I got so much f**king money
Too many bi**hes, the homies could f**k em for me
Winning in real estate, opening restaurants
And I really don’t give a f**k who rolling the next blunt
Check, real ni**a born, Carol city raised
See you ni**as scorn, I wasn’t phased
It was a phase, look at my face
I wanna race, I set a pace
As a fat boy, I had to catch my wind
Get my laps on, double back when rappers spit
Them ni**as know what’s up, they throwing peace signs
F**k that, I’m holding up an East sign
Get in my way of my money, you know what happens
Ni**as finding you funny and then they clapping
Round of applause, you looking at an icon
Snatch a bottle off ice, now pour when I’m gone

(Chorus – Anthony Hamilton)
One day I’m gonna be
One day I’m gonna be
Getting up out of these slums
Then they gonna see
One day they gonna see me
All that I can become
All eyes on me
All eyes are watching
Just a young buck tryna come up
I can be a nice one, I can be a rude one
I can be an icon
Living the life of a dreamer
Living out the life of a dreamer

(Verse 2 – Rick Ross)
I’m very persuasive
I know a few masons
Crack dealers need me as their motivation
Started at the bottom, blind leading the blind
I did it by myself so it took me some time
No Dr. Dres, no Eminems, no Neptunes, no Timbalands
Just doing him, and I’d do it again
Self made real ni**as feeling him
God forgives and I don’t is what the streets said
You and I know it’s on till the beef dead
Rest in peace hater, as I get a massage
No longer a Don, a f**king icon

(Repeat Chorus)

(Outro – Anthony Hamilton)
Damn you really go
Oh, this is where our dreams are made
Oh, searching for a hero
Oh, this is where success is made
Oh, down in the ghetto
Oh, this is where success is made
Oh, searching for a hero
This is where the icon
The icon, the hero, lays


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