Lil Durk – Like Me (Remix) ft. Lil Wayne, Fetty Wap & Jeremih Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Lil Wayne)
Never loved, never loved, never loved another ni**a like me
Cause she know I got that good wood
I wham and I bam and I jugg jugg
She leave out my house on a good foot
I hit her ass up with that Worldstar
I Lollapalooza her good spot
She swallow the kids I say good God
Even though she’ll make a good mom
She said she never met a met a good ni**a
I said never met a good cop
She s**k on that d**k like a push pop
She get mad as hell when I pull out
She knows that there’s only one Tunechi
She be like Weezy I love Tunechi
I be like baby don’t confuse me
Then I play with that pu**y like a Rubix
Between me and you she call me sexy chocolate
And I swear that pu**y like fudge to me
She say come over and come get it
She said cum on me, cum in me, cum through me
Cause she ain’t never been d**ked down
She don’t know how that feel
She ain’t ever been licked down
From her earrings to her heels, Lord
She ain’t ever been in a big house
I gotta watch her so she don’t steal
She ain’t ever been with a millionaire
That’s really one in a mil

(Chorus – Jeremih)
She don’t know about real ni**as, she don’t know no boss
She don’t know about foreign cars, she don’t what that cost
She don’t know about love, she don’t know what that is
She don’t know about riding round and spending it like this
F**k with a ni**a like me, wanna f**k with a ni**a like me
Now she wanna f**k
F**k with a ni**a like me, wanna f**k with a ni**a like me
Hit the club with a ni**a like me
Do drugs with a ni**a like me
Fall in love with a ni**a like me
And never love another nig, never love another ni**a like me
Meeee, meeee

(Verse 2 – Fetty Wap)
Bi**hes scream OTF for Lil Durk
They scream Zoogang for Zoovier
Won’t you ride with a ni**a like me
Get high with a ni**a like me
Cook pies with a ni**a like me
Won’t you be my trap queen?
Juug with me and stack game
Young ni**as with racks mane
We gon make this movie baby we not acting
Just turn around and back it up let me see you clap it
And you ain’t never rode in a foreign you got me laughing
And I won’t ever bring his name up cause he passed his
Zoovier from the Zoogang I can get you passed yeah
And I swear on sh*t get at and bring that cash in
I’m a young ni**a racked up and I still be trapping
And I’m trying to give it up but it’s a habit
And she love a ni**a cause I’m different
And plus I told her how to get it
And ever since she’s been winning
I’m no other she was a

(Verse 3 – Lil Durk)
VV Chanel a ni**a like me just can’t go ahead and tell
Tell them pretty bi**hes wit a attitude, I do wish em well
I want her I see her I’m on her
My ni**as, they on her
I got her shawty’s a goner
They smoke like a stoner
Shawty take it off like a Mardi Gras
When she take it off I’m like boo stop
I can put a bi**h all like Worldstar
She go when I bust I’m like girl stop
Can’t take it, let’s go out to Vegas
It’s more like a Vegas me and you together
I know they can’t take it you know they gon hate us
Let’s pull up riding in, call it bubble off
Got Wayne and Fetty Wap on the remix s**t gon bubble up
Ever since I got on, I done blown s**t twice call it double up
Free my ni**as that are gone and ain’t here right now, I’ma double cup, yeah yeah yeah

(Repeat Chorus)