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Safaree Samuels Covers Nicki Minaj In A Bed Of Rose

Safaree Samuels has finally covered up that last Nicki Minaj tattoo on his arm in a bed of rose.

The Jamaican-American rapper got several tattoos of his ex-girlfriend Nicki Minaj all over his body while they were still together. But he started the painful process of removing them after their split last year.

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The final tat on his arm is now cover with some fresh in of rose. There is currently not a single trace that Safaree ever had a Nicki Minaj tattoo and at one point he had three different ones.

Safaree Nicki Minaj tattoo

His tattoo artist Compton posted a before and after photo on his Instagram page with the caption, “and u think yo job is hard. Just finish this piece for @iamsafaree #SorryNicki #itsJustBusiness #inkArtMusic.”

Back in 2013 Safaree showcased the painful process of getting his Nicki Minaj tattoos and explained his decision.

“A lot of people out there tattoo somebody that they don’t know. Why not tattoo somebody that I know, you know?” Safaree said.

Samuels also has a tattoo of reggae legend Bob Marley that he is keeping in tact.

Must have been even more painful to remove them.

Nicki Minaj and Safaree before split