Gage – Load Up Lyrics

Dem version a badness old, old, old
Dem waan the new one
Mi wi just, mi wi just
Kill dem first caw me don’t religious
Me don’t religious

Man badness load up like 10 mini bus
10 mini buss, 10 mini bus
Tell dem head mi wi buss
Head mi wi buss, head mi wi bus

Load up like 10 mini buss, 10 mini bus
10 mini bus
Tell dem head mi wi buss, head mi wi buss
Head mi wi buss

(Verse 1)
Tell yo mi born December
And mi born short temper
Dem hill temper
You si the danger don’t you enter
Mi quick fi do things and don’t remember
In a the hammer banana center
One to 32 yes supreme venture
Yo si the danger and yo enter
People haffi go know seh mi short temper

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Get a call from a ni**a weh nuh live yah
Gun man wa gwaan? The box was deliver
10 pound dawg thicker than a sneaker
Yo never did deh yah but mi paint you a picture
Mi si box a dash weh like liquor
Not even the moggler no buss dem flip yah
Beef get grease wid f**king vinegar
And the dawg dem run out and nam that fi dinner
Run em couldn’t find key fi the beemer
Touch the wasp nest
A machine, a machine, a machine, a machine
A none from courts, and none from singer
A nuh nothing fi mi duppy waan ni**a
Swell up and ugly, like puffy, like pillow
Tell every one a be trailer
The shoes weh mi walk waan tommy Hilfiger

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)