Chilando & Teejay – Money Maker Lyrics

Money a mi wife
Gyal come second
Put up one finger
Zero hot every second
Teejay and Chilando
Right now wi a tell you weh wi deh pon

Mi waan meck a million today like mi work in a bank
Am a money maker

Right now mi family and mi friend dem happy every week
Dem a si the paper

Mi waan meck a million today like mi work in a bank
Am a money maker

And money out deh fi everybody meck
Ghetto youth a wa you a wait fa

(Verse 1)
Chilando, mi waan rich suh call mi wall street
Caw anyweh the money deh mi a go crawl fi it
Mi meck a couple million last week
Suh mi build mommy house and buy the broad jeep

Ghetto youth wi fi got a plan
Yo nuh si seh wi fi rich like Matterlon
That’s why mi a hunt fi mine, mi have a son fi mine
Suh by a morning mi haffi meck a million

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
If every badmind friend wort a million
Mi would a sell dem, get rich a fi mi plan
Money well stink like cush pon mi hand
Tell the pastor money a mi religion
Big up every gangster, big up every don
Weh meck di money nuff in a the ghetto mi nuh wrong
Ghetto youth waan rich like Materlon
Hustle hard fi the money nuffer than sand

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Teejay money fi deh yah suh like water in a the gutter
Meck a phone call to the gram mi a go fa
Haffi do road caw the bread need butter
Mi waan tek the word poor out a mi grammar
Money fi mi pocket but it did a use boots
It never come in a it left mi confuse
Mi touch pear one listen riddim and blues
Fi free mi mind because the house haffi move

(Repeat Chorus)