Munga – Good Vibez Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Money man a pree
Millions wi waan meck
Stylings, no time wi naw tek
Nooo, likkle flu mi wi get
But badmind, that a one dis mi naw tek

Right now mi feel a vibes
Mi couldn’t want a realer vibes
Mi vision seh mi reach a new york
Mi a feel a visa vibes

Every ghetto youth waan get rich
Ask Grands Pen if you feel a lie
Wi waan fly paw plane up in a sky

In a mi raybons like Ray Charls
Left dem fi wonder like Stephen
Mi work hard, suh mi play hard
Pon the new RR bus a wheely
So whats up? Bare new gyal a whats up
Caw mi bring the
Deh pon the grind
Mi nuh waist no time fi badmind mankind like realy

Good times, good feeling
Yeah, hands up to the sealing
Hands up to the sealing

No time fi badmind
Hands up to the sealing
When gangsta buss, gyal screaming
Hands up to the sealing

(Verse 2)
Right now a upness, mi up full
Hennessy, mi cup full
Party, wi cup full
Gyal a pull up, bus full
More gyal, chuck full
Gaza prince look deh
A gyal a whine paw west side
Same time work fi step in a seh everything fine
A nuh nothing if shi get a one whine
Wi a have a good time
Selector pull up the tune same time

Right now mi feel good
Wa mi seh? Mi feel good
Mi have a woman a squeeze mi
And shi seh mi feel good
Shi a brace up paw mi caw yo pu**y feel good
The party tun up and everybody feel good

(Repeat Chorus)