Miley Cyrus – Space Boots Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Sitting here with nothing to say
Looking out the window it just rained
But the sun’s up for the day
And there’s probably a rainbow
But I don’t care
Cause all the colors left with you
Thinking about driving around in your car
I never thought that we would take it very far
I just love talking, and then parking
Then we go walking
I loved you so much
I just started watching TV
I get so high cause you’re not here smoking my weed
And I get so bored
Cause you’re not here to make me laugh
You’re so cute
In your space suit
In your space boots
Space dude
Since you’ve left I’ve started to drink
Sometimes when I do drugs I’ll start to overthink
And I start crying
I think I’m dying
But I’m just tripping spiraling down this hole

Oh space dude in your space boots
I got to be high to deal with your moods
But maybe it’s me and I got to change my views
Oh space dude in your space suit
Our love it takes us to the moon
But you leave me up there I’m so maroon
Space dude in your space boots in your space suit
Space dude
Space dude in your space boots in your space suit
Space dude

(Verse 2)
Every time we talk I feel like s**t
I guess I was just tryin’ to avoid letting myself feel like this
Cause it makes me feel like I might die
But every second I’m doing that anyway
My biggest fear is not being with you
The pain is so excruciating I don’t know what I do
We’re both vegan
It makes it easy to think it never hurt anything
Living intentionally

(Repeat Chorus)