Alessia Cara – Outlaws Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Run, run like the devil’s behinds us
Run to where no one can find us
Be my accomplice to my crime
Oh baby
Run, run cause we’re guilty as sin
Run cause we know we won’t win
We know together we kill time

You’ll never face a judge without me
You’ll never battle the gavel alone
And if they lock us away
Then I’ll be still here
Proudly waiting to kill more time, with you

We’ll be Outlaws
We’ll take on the world
We’ll be Outlaws

(Verse 2)
Run, run like you never did
Cause they found the evidence
And they found your fingerprints
All on me and baby run
Run like your life depends on it
Let’s make forever in this moment
Tell me you love me again, Oh again
And I would waste away without you
You’re the shine into my star
I’d be searching till I found you
Wherever you are, you are

We’ll be Outlaws
Partners in crime
We’ll take on the world together
I’m Bonnie you can be Clyde
We’ll be Outlaws
You and me
They’ll never understand the honor
Among these thieves

(Repeat Refrain)

(Repeat Chorus 2X)