Tyga – Glitta Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Fire flow, let me fascinate
Put python seats, Jake the snake
I rock Bape, that bathing grape
You fake the Bape, that’s pump fake
I ball on turf, that’s Chevy Chase
That’s Caddyshack, don’t be acting shady
Lash out on the owner, ni**a
Don’t be harassing my shorty, ni**a
Boring ni**as, don’t be boring, ni**as
I’m the swag god in the holy temples
Spend 65k on my dental
Got the ripped denim, black card in em
3 car garage, black cars in em
Need more space to put the Rolls in it
Rolling blunts for the f**k of it
I’m already high, I’m just talking s**t
Sh*t on ni**as like an eagle do
Give that bi**h a break like an interlude
Bought a parachute, eating barracuda
I’m a barbarian rude n**a
With a ghetto gang and some pretty bi**hes
Walk on Jimmy Kimmel with some real killers
Real ni**as, Tommy Hilfiger
This tommy gun my real hitta

Young ni**a chilling in the master suite
Ask me where I used to sleep
In the car parked on the street
Ask me what I used to eat
McDonalds like twice a week
Now I get served in my master suite
Just watched my bi**h masturbate
Sh*t’s milk, and it’s sweet, ni**a

(Verse 2)
Ni**as sweet, I’m the candyman
Here I go again, can’t get rid of me
I’m on Sunset, now I’m overseas
Lost the Lambo key, I just ordered 3
Mickey Ds, played the 62
Red and yellow like Ronald do
I’m hard to break like a Rondo 2
Don’t weigh a lot but I’ll take your food
Face to face, she give me face
Til her face’s blue like hunnits, new
Spend 10K at Mr. Chows
My mama proud, these ni**as bow
That’s Tyga’s style, you stole my style
You a hidden dragon, crouching tiger style
Jungle s**t, my ni**as wild
You a bi**h, thinking out loud
I’m gambling, my diamonds loud
My Rollie face original
Look on your face like, ni**a how
I came from nothing, had dreams of stunting
Never owned a Porsche, so yeah I want it
Just to say I had it, now you can have it
F**k y’all, I’m just living lavish
Rather die that ni**a than to live average

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

Real ni**as in my family tree
Rich ni**as in my family tree, ni**a
Bad bi**hes in my fantasies
That pu**y good, and it’s clean, ni**a
S**t’s milk, and it’s sweet
Me and my bi**h beauty and the beast
She a masterpiece
Young ni**a chilling in my master suite