Versatile – Bere Gyal We Have Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Markus wi no mix and wi no mingle
If a no the girls dem wi rather stay single
No tell mi bout no man if you no waan get mi bringle
Tell mi bout the girls dem, could a cripple, could a injure
Mi get gyal a sunfest, mi get gyal a sting to
But some bwoy a rumpist, a man dem a kin to
How some man stray from dem way, when fi get gyal so simple
Markus mi no inna wa dem into

Wa mi seh a bare gyal wi have
Bare gyal wi have
You no haffi ask
You si a bare gyal wi have
Mi baby mother seh a bare gyal mi have
Look pon mi youth and how him favor mi bad

Yet stilla bare gyal mi have
Bare gyal mi have
Dem seh mi bad because a bare gyal mi have
Have gyal so much meck all mi baby a mad
Gyal weh pretty, gyal weh favor lizard

(Verse 2)
Octane mi seh a one way mi aim
And a no man way mi aim
If a no girls den yo cyaa hear mi name
When mi a fly a gyal mi waan steer the plane
No gyall no deh yah, mi gone left the lane
From mi si gyal mi start play mi game
Mi no haffi have no fame
Mi know mi haffi bingo from dem walk near mi lane
Gi dem da thing yah weh tall like the cane
Regular mi meck dem fall like the rain

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)