(Verse 1 – Pharrell Williams)
Changed your mind
I made you live a lover’s life
Changed your mind about all guys
No kiss at the end of the night
But if you will with me
When I’m sure that you can see
So when I ask you, “How you think it’d be?
Just when I thought you would say to

(Chorus – Pharrell Williams)
You keep me locked away
You don’t want to admit
About me and you
Hey! But I don’t care cause
You make life worth living
You make love worth giving
You make time worth spending
Well why ain’t we worth admitting?

(Verse 2 – Pharrell Williams)
When you were in my arms
Though inside, I could see the stars
As if they were not far
I read what they were sayin
They said the world is yours
With her make it better
So imagine you two together
It’d be so amazing

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Pharrell Williams)
Hey but what if you
Miraculously feel what I do
Our split up can’t beat us two
If I could speak in invisible proof
And you’re writing the same
Except you swap our names
Trying to figure out this weird a*s game
And you’re like real confused s**t

(Repeat Chorus)

Locked away, me and you
Living, giving
Spending, admitting