Khago – Burning Up Lyrics

Seh gyal De ville
Every gyal a my own
But yo si da one yah

A mi baby that
A mi baby that
Yo no si how shi tun up shi shot
A mi baby that
A mi baby that
Shi a turn fool inna idiot

Seh baby yuh burning up the street
Yuh burning up the street
A yuh every man waan meet
A yuh every man want
Man a look yuh, gyal a look yuh to
Everybody want yuh
Man a look yuh, gyal a look yuh to

(Verse 1)
A one man to yuh thing
One man to yuh thing
Wine pon the pole meck mi si yo pretty belly ring
Go pon yo head top, go pon yo head gyal
Meck mi reach before yuh dash it pon yo belly
Come link the government inna six inch spike heal
Inna yo Minni skirt bun out the tight jeans
Fi da love deh mi send out the spy team
Mi a watch yo like vies in

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Every man waan get a jook off a yo shallow
Worst mi go put it inna song seh it swallow
Some gyal run out a glue dem si yuh an a barrow
Set it so meck mi push the wheel barrow
Hice it up like a clothe hanger
Everything a expose left no comma
Gyal mi have a new style name whom spanner
Have hi fi the boss from cree scanner

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)