Mac Miller – Break the Law [New Music]

Mac Miller keeps making some good music for his fan & also the benefit of his career. Here’s a new track entitled “Break the Law,” produced by Drew Byrd & Thundercat.

Yeah, okay, I wake up with the taste of pu**y still in my mouth
Bi**h in my bed, homegirl still asleep on the couch
My head is banging like Metallica, swallow a bottle of Advil up
Then head back to the bedroom where she s**k me dry like
It’s the young miraculous, mister love to grab his nuts
Never let a bi**h inside, f**k her in the Acura
Aurora borealis with the shine, my aura gorgeous
Dinner with forty courses, bunch of horny whores and fornicate

Mac Miller – Break the Law Lyrics

Listen track below.