B.o.B – Violence Ft. Jon Bellion Lyrics

(Verse 1: B.o.B)
Born prodigy no apologies f**k a policy
F**k around and make a monster out of me
A monster gotta eat, coming for the weak
Run to your momma but it’s late and your momma gotta sleep

I apologize for the violence
I swear I’m killing every single thing I touch
Let’s have a moment of silence
For anyone that thinks I could give two f**ks
I apologize for the violence
I apologize for the violence

(Verse 2 – B.o.B)
In this game friendships don’t last long
It that’s about as long as a hit song
So I keep a full clip full of hit songs
So when I get to busting it’s a s**t storm
Everyone’s a bit dumb, let that bi**h hum
Roll the drum till I get it out my system
Line them all up, wack ni**as first
Take them out the game won’t think twice, won’t miss one
When you hot imitators try to mimic you
Fore I was hot I was begging for an interview
There’s only one of me, but there’s a million yous
If you was that important then I’d remember you
Well I get I’m too in the mix
Next known flow I’m on some Jupiter s**t
Hundred deep on some hooligan s**t
Killing everything I see on some funeral s**t

(Repeat Chorus)