Versatile – My Gal Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Badman f gyal hard wi no know bout sex
Wi f gyal whole night wi no know bout rest
C**key in a pu**y
Gyal from yo pum pum good yuh no haffi give mi no head
Gangster a no gyal clown
But gyal yo pum pum hold mi

And gyal mi love it when yuh quint it, grip me, wine paw mi c–key
Kiss me, squeeze me, yo boyfriend a call but we don’t care
Wi a go f whole night in here

Send him a message pon yo whatsapp BB tell him go easy
Turn up the radio and lock off the tv
Wi don’t care, gyal good pu**y haffi share

(Verse 2)
So tonight yuh a my gyal, my gyal
Wine paw mi c**key
Mi gyal mi love it when yuh hold me
Just tell th bwoy seh yuh never deh home
Sometime yuh haffi tell a lie gyal, lie gyal
Fi meck life easy
Yuh haffi tell a lie, yuh love the bwoy but yuh rate mi
Yo rate mi don’t? Mi rate yuh to
When mi gi yo back shot gyal it feel so good
Shift yo draws one side and shift in mi wood
Yuh no haffi tek off yo panty
Gyal mi f yo meck yo come and wet up yo clothe
Mi know the two a wi a sin
But God will forgive wi

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 2)