2 Chainz – Goat Ft. The-Dream [New Music]

2 Chainz & The-Dream teamed up on new single “Goat,” produced by BWheezy & Mike Dean.

I treat Goat like he was tata, dealing up at Popeyes
In the fast line, I move him over to the right side
Mac-11 life style, burr then I hop out
Dem burr, then it’s lights out, I’m spazin on you right now
Mama’s only child, the crack house was my daycare
Being front to god, grey hair, see that’s that old money
Kenmore stove money, packs on G rouge money
Riding down in that foreign whip the color of snow bunny
Pull up right to the beach and left the boat running
So sudden, you a comedian, all your flows funny
Dope funny, walk through the door, she like Oh honey

2 Chainz – Goat Ft. The-Dream Lyrics

Listen full track below.