Chilando – Feel Nice Lyrics

Yes mi feel nice
Nuh bruk mi vibes dawg weh yo feel like

Yes mi feel nice
Nuh ready fi drunk yet pass mi likkle ice

Yes mi feel nice
Tugs dem out and gyal a roll like dice

Yes mi feel nice
Mash down curry goat wid likkle white rice

(Verse 1)
Everybody well happy from young to the old
Money nuff well stock up in a fi mi billfold
Gyal dem well hot, ice in a liquor cold
Bruk speedometer no pay fi nuh toll
Reall baller mi nuh score and goal
When yo check nuff pu**y picture in a iphone
A n uh voting when gyal come pon the pole
But high grade cush yo si mi eye dem a roll

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Tims mi have on and mi jeans well straight
Shirt new brand white like a toothpaste
Wa shade prado glass mi have paw mi face
Nothing nuh fake, nuh logo nuh copy and paste
Everybody out now, everybody drink up
Young and old everybody link up
Jevaughny anybody nuh deh yah
Fi dem bad luck, a nuh sound a the party wi buck

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
High grade cush a burn sweet aroma
Whitee a get a a tang in a the breeze yah
Touch pon the beach brother you nuh need visa
Meck a drive by a the hut fi a pizza
Link Patricia, link Tanisha
Tell a granny left the food pon the four burner
Tek a pic, meck a pose yeah pon insta
Well shampoo mi nuh left the conditioner

(Repeat Chorus)