Christopher Martin – The Good Die Young Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Sit back and watch my clock
As time move in one direction
Even if I stop the time on my watch
Time nuh stop even for a second
Mother leave home tell her kids dem later
Soon come back as turning to neighbor
Life is such a mystery
Joy and misery

So many people passed
And the ones weh do the damage still deh yah
Many daughters, many sons
Never live to see what they could become
It so sad to see the broken possibilities
The endless opportunities
Of what their life could be

The good die young
The good die young
Ooh, oh

And it’s so wrong, it’s so wrong

Hope their names wont be forgotten
In a world that it’s so cold
One day they will feel the warm raise of the sun
The good die young

(Verse 2)
Chances given, never to be taken
Just the ones that would do their best
That always seem forsaken
In times like these
The same yow wi question
Oh why is it like this
Oh lord, oh lord
Untold stories, unfilled dreams
Never ending answer
Unget promises
So goes the journey
And only Jah know the half
And present turn to pass
Another life cut short

(Repeat Chorus 2X)