Chino – Oh Jah Lyrics

A wi seh Father God guide and protect wi
When going out and wi forward in
Yo know a m mean
Wi pray fi wi family dem
Wi pray fi wi friend dem
Wi pray fi wi enemies also
Pray for the wrong doers
Dem no rally know yo understand

Plead my cause oh Jah
Plead my cause oh Jah
Lead my path oh Jah
Be my rod, my shield, my staff oh Jah

Oh Jah plead my cause oh Jah
Plead my cause oh Jah

Oh Jah by the rivers of Babylon
A beg yo lead I cross oh Jah

(Verse 1)
Forgive dem Father caw dem know not
Forgive the cops weh a ross the road block
Forgive the sup and the sarge weh a barge in a barrage
Fi lock off wi dance 2 o clock
Forgive the Rass weh a snack inna pork shop
Dem dutty levity Roach don’t support that
All tho dem evil forgive the gun man
Weh left innocent youth inna Dove Cot

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Wi a chad like real Rasta rebel children
Fi evil rain a that the devil intend
When dem a do dem evil works
A no fi dem fault a just the devil in dem
Head hot blood a boil like a kettle in dem
Jah, Jah, will be cool and settling dem
Pray fi mi enemy, mi family
All mi sistren and mi brethren dem

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)