Wiz Khalifa – Exclusive Freestyle Lyrics

On flow when I’m killing them
I’m floating off weed
It’s dope, then you know that it’s me
The rest, you don’t deal with them
I travel the world, three-hundred and sixty degrees
These hoes get adrenaline
They come to my crib see all the TV’s
On the walls in the room that I’m living in
Why I got all these women friends?
Cause I’m spending Benjamins
I hope y’all don’t break up
Cause if y’all don’t make up
Then I’ll be the ni**a to get revenge
No, I ain’t basic, she di**ing my style
Loving the way that I’m living so wild
Loving the way that I’m putting it down
Loving the way that I’m making her smile
Like had no really good d**k in a minute, that’s making her wild
And I’m the ni**a that’s with it
I’ll start it and finish it
I’m with a broad that be tryna be innocent
I roll a joint she could probably hit it
Y’all will go broke in a matter of minutes
Ain’t about the love, it’s about the digits
See all this money in front of me?
Young ni**a gotta get it
Taylor Gang