DeJ Loaf – We Winnin Lyrics

Spill my name in the game
I know they want me to fail
Tell em I’m lit, tell em I ain’t going nowhere
Know you ain’t light it up, put your lighters in the air
We winnin, we winnin keep that hater s**t over there
Yo, yo, keep that hater s**t over there yo
Keep that hater s**t over there yo
Keep that hater s**t over there yo
I said we winnin, I said we winnin

(Verse 1)
These ni**as in it for the fame
I’m really in this s**t for life
And I don’t change chase my life
I wasn’t in it for this life
I been grinding, hella flights
In the studio late nights
I had to get it, run it up
All these darts, these stripes
Me, my brothers, use to argue
Disagree and we fight
We got over, they understand
I wanna see em, new right
On a run, got caught
Now them boys doing life
19 years old
Hunnid years these stripes
New morning, good morning
Out of mind, out of sight
I wake up, say my prayers
Hunnid thirty last night
I hate twenties, I hate lies
I hate no pu**y ni**as got me tight
Shoulda never f**ked with you ni**as
It’s cool, I’m finna go up on you ni**as

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Winning, we winnin, we winnin
These ni**as is hating we winnin
Yo, I’m a Christian still sinning
I hope God please forgive me
Every day is like Christmas
Every day is like Christmas
Every night I get busy
Every night I get busy
My mommas my weakness
My mom is my witness
Got a lot on my mind
From now on, it’s f**k ni**as
I’ve been going hard, I got my cash up
I done got my bag and my sack up
Ni**as ball, but we talking all this cash though
Don’t make my ni**as bring all that mace out

(Repeat Chorus)

We gon bring the cash out
Who gon get the last shot
I finna go out, blast off
Tell them ni**as get they cash out

(Repeat CHorus)