Vic Mensa – Codeine Crazy (Icarus Story) Lyrics

Pour that bubbly, drink that muddy, drink that muddy
I was covered in it, I was loving it
That ain’t for you dog, that’s for them other ni**as
That ain’t for you shorty, that’s for that other b**ch
I’m going crazy ’bout it, I’m going codeine crazy
That’s how we living it
That’s how we living it

(Verse 1)
Take all my problems and drink out the bottle and mop off the molly, yeah
I’ll admit I had my fair share of balloons at the party, yeah
My carry on is gon carry a blunt on the plane
And I’m higher than Icarus, hope I don’t burn on the sun, no
We order more bottles, take shots like they’re choppers
And pass them around
Celebrate like a championship, celebrate like a championship
Celebrate like a champion, celebrate like a champion
Celebrate like a champion
I told you, I told you, I told
I need a friend like I need a bullet
To the head and a ni**a to pull it
I’m so f**king sick and tired of these rumors
They gon talk about me, don’t even know me
Pour a lil lil liquor out, pour a lil lil liquor out
Pour it out, pour it out, pour it out

Codeine crazy, codeine crazy
Codeine crazy, codeine crazy
Codeine crazy, codeine crazy
All this motherf**king money got me codeine crazy
All this mother**king money got me codeine crazy

(Verse 2)
Icarus flew too close to the sun
I could be guilty of being too high to die
I’m a winner but I can’t roll just one
Like a black stone, gotta roll up five
They want you to think that your wings melt
When you make your dreams real
So black boy, don’t fly too high
I gotta keep my ni**as with me like a seatbelt
They my ride or-dies, we tryna be the ones you idolize
And it’s getting close, I feel this s**t approach
When you making players you don’t have to sit at coach
Like a star player, had my hardware
Built like a real ni**a from the start, yeah
I could see in my peripherals
Ni**as switching on you when they’re dissing you
Wishing they was replacing you but chasing you
In the loser’s position, what are they to do
Me? I’m talking voodoo
My whole crew too connected like Bluetooth
Save money right, new dynasty
Living a life of who they’re dying to be
And I’m dying to say it
I can feel the drugs again, I can feel the love again
I can feel… I can feel the mud again
Downing my cup again, I’m dreaming

(Repeat Chorus)