Rich Homie Quan – Break A Table Lyrics

I’mma turn it up soo loud, I’m gon wake the neighbors
Bi**hes hands up, I on’t do no favors
On the first day of school, had a book bag full of paper
Ni**as stand in line, I rather stack table
Ho go get a table, table, table
Bi**h I need a table, table, table
I just broke the table, table, table
I need somewhere to sit, tell the world go find a table, table, table

(Verse 1)
All know get that pipe, big claw
Back and forth are the ways to get the table
And now I’m standing up, tryna find a bi**h to cater
If other ni**as who loving, I solute you for a hater
I solute these bi**h crazy, yet I ain’t still got a table
All she try to trap me with a baby
Ho you must be tripping, tell my bi**hes, tell my neighbors
Tell the waitress bring the table, table, table

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Got a fine for going hard, you know I paid it off
You ain’t even in the million if you ain’t got a tablecloth
Okay I paired it, refuse to take a lost
Nobody helped me, but at 17, I was made a boss
Say my name four times, got her text me crazy
Liquid game court side, I’m flexing, baby
Naked lady, I’m those OG ni**as
If you were taking place then I don’t know you ni**as
I’m stand on the table like where the waitress at
3 hours I’ve been waiting and she ain’t made it back
Ho you crazy, don’t you see I have this papers?
Looking for the waiter, why I’m standing on the table
And I don’t know what to say than I’m a rich ni**a
And I get money daily, can it, appreciate it

(Repeat Chorus)