Juicy J – Pardon Me Feat. G.O.D. Lyrics

(Intro – Juicy J)
The hustle continues
Yeah ni**a, yeah ni**a
Yeah ni**a, yeah

Pardon me, pardon me
Hardest in your hood, you ain’t s**t to me
Pardon me, pardon me
I don’t give a f**k who you supposed to be, ni**a
Pardon me, pardon me
N**as run they mouth, end up 20 feet
Pardon me, pardon me
You talking about that f**k ni**a, put his ass to sleep

(Verse 1)
Sold the dope, told the ni**a not to hold the dope
Get the cash hit the drop, bring it back watch your ass
Ni**as plotting caught you snitching, left you licking same ni**as
Watch your bragging same ni**as
You count your hundreds cause you f***ed up now dead & lonely
Broke, you f**ked up now dead & lonely
7 in the morning, streets is yawning
My ni**as is back on the corners
My ni**as is back with them choppas
That show where they jam when they clip is reloaded they blam
North ni**a from the mud up to no good
Sold million records but I keep that 38 snub tuck
Ready for war, f**k ni**a talking s**t, lets go to war
I ain’t into popping s**t f**k ni**a, this is the north
Mafia mothaf**king 36 straight hitters out for this door
My shottas unload, we even the score
Its real as it get, don’t get exposed, don’t get exposed

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Juicy J)
Against all odds, back to the wall
I’m coming in for my cut like a act to the law
Gimme what you owe me, don’t do me no favours
I got now, so f**k you later
The gutter done turned us all and the gladiators
Try me and get stomped, like an
Get money, everything else don’t mean nothing
Price on yo head, ni**as get rich, you see them comin
Them goons on the way, if I push a button
Act a fool if ya wanna, we pull up right beside ya
Semi auto at ya driver, you don’t wan’t this drama
We just want the money, you don’t f*** with ni**as like us

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – G.O.D.)
Pardon me, s**t ain’t hard to me
I done have to beef with ni**as thas across the street
Pardon me, sh*t ain’t hard to see
You won’t find another ni**a that is as hard as me
Pardon me, just might park to see
Multiply all my hunnids, I’m a double G
Ni**a I be on the bulls**t, number twenty-three
Let me demonstrate a murder to the first degree
Catch you posted on the corner, open for the three
Think fast, chest press, that assist for me
Let sing to em like the symphony
Rock a bye lullaby, put his ass to sleep

(Repeat Chorus)