Migos – Recognition Lyrics

(Intro – Quavo)
You know it feel good when your recognized
Recognized recognized, recognized
I just wanted to be
I didn’t know all this was gonna come with it

(Chorus – Quavo and Takeoff)
I just wanted to be Recognized 4X
Now I’m having recognition recognition, recognition
I just wanted to be recognized recognition, recognition
Now I’m having recognition

(Verse 1 – Quavo)
I just want to be Recognized
Make my momma smile
Make my grand momma proud
Now I got recognition
Same people doubted see me on television tv
Pocket watching on a ni**a chick
Recognize a ni**a rolex
17 years old ni**a kicking doors
Couldn’t even vote yet
Meditation of the mind was the greatest thing a ni**a found
They recognize a ni**a sound
And we didn’t let the world down
Started with a brick turned it to a foundation
Turn the foundation to an empire
I’m the founder of Yung Rich Nation
And I still get recognized by my old patients
With a snaggered tooth smile he said he happy that I made it

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Takeoff)
If I got the feeling that I weren’t recognized
I know I’d still be recognized in momma’s eyes
I’m in the trench coat for the skies
I keep the 45 on my waistline
Shoot your block down with the Glock like a alpine
F**k it shoot the club up call me shine
These Balmains no Calvin Kleins
Flood my neck with that gold like Busta Rhymes
That Migos on the billboard worldwide we recognized
A lot of these ni**as wanna be recognized
But these…jammed up not gonna do the time
I know some ni**as they got acquitted
And they didn’t want tell and get crucified
I’m smoking on OG it ease my mind
Need some Visine cause I got the red eyes
Ain’t thinking bout a bi**h I’m getting money cause these bi**hes come and go like
Now I’m recognized taking trips in my lamb I own it no enterprise
Looking at ni**as can’t be mad at ni**as cause ni**as just want to be recognized

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Offset)
Momma said recognize God
I recognized then momma had pain in her eyes
Though I walked through the shadow, the valley of death
I’m addicted to drank and I can’t even help it lean, lean, drank, drank
Pu**y ni**a taking selfies
Ask me for money I told that ni**a no he go round the hood saying I’m selfish huh?
That’s the reason that I left him
Your momma keep calling say help
She didn’t recognized you were a failure
I wanted to be recognized
Went to the mall and bought me a 10 and told the school it caught me five
My OG taught me to be wise
Thanking the lord cause I’m recognized
VH1 you can go see it live
Now you see me shining now you want to ride skrr
They finally recognized
They copy the way we rhyme

(Repeat Chorus)