Masicka – Firm Pon Me Feet Lyrics

A could a Clarks or Filla you a beat
You have a thing name firm pon you feet

A could a Nike or Jays you a beat
You have a thing name firm pon you feet

(Verse 1)
Mi si poverty, gunshot a tackle
Pretty girl, fast car, tall bottle
Big links, big money, small coffin
Know wa you a do cause wi nuh soft like cotton
Man naw dead poor it cyaa bloodclaat happen
Life haffi sweet mi, mi bone start rotten
You cyaa hold mi down free up on shackle
Use to walk now a engine a chattel

Firm paw mi feet, firm paw mi feet
Money cyaa change I, girl cyaa dweet
Hennessy nuh so bad, herbs cyaa dweet

Jah know firm paw mi feet
Firm paw mi feet
Man seh money cyaa change I
Dem check the alphabet and a the same I
Never change

(Verse 2)
Miss the funeral
Mother bwal black suit
Low the fast life
You wi crash youth
Mi aim to the goal and never stop shoot
Mi naw sit down like no gyal and act cute
Me want hi, so mi want hi, money haffi meck
Suh when you si mi in a the streets
In a mi slippers and crep

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus 2X)