Lil Wayne Murda feat. Capo, Cory Gunz & Junior Reid Lyrics

(Chorus – Junior Reid)
First degree murda
Beg dem nuh push it further
This a nuh beef weh make burga
The youths dem strapped with dem burner

(Verse 1 – Lil Wayne)
Real ni**as say soo woo and such and such kill such and such
The street talking, bulls**t walks on crutches but it’s strut to strut
Ni**as panic button pressing the end is coming
Count your blessings
We living in the day and time where the ten commandments are now suggestions
How depressing, how invested click clack, pow intestines
Bad bi**hes in flower dresses with tight pussies
I found the crevice
AK bullets move mountains
Break them bi**hes down to pebbles
That tough talk is like music to my ears so keep it a capella
Based on a true story we not worry you too worried
I faced my fears and told them motherf***ers y’all too gorgeous
Dread head from New Orleans
Where the youth dem got two choices
Shoot or get shot or a ni**a choose for you
We murdered them

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

(Verse 2 – Cory Gunz)
Yo, Tune point and I’m dusting ni**as
I ain’t talking lacing no marijuana
Soon as I hatch I reign like a quail
And I don’t give 2 f**ks I ain’t a koala
My uncle gangsta but I make him nervous
All he see in my face is murda
Waste a burna is my waste a furnace
I’m pacing turners your face the thermos
First birthday wish was getting picked up
Shoot a ni**a wake up on the wake up
Lay down and a model bi**h ache up
Then I put pearls in a bi**h like Jacob
Play tough taped off of this day pub
Race off like some motherf**king make up
Take off looking for something to take up
Want the paper? Or you want in the paper?
Not horoscopes but in the horror scope
Pray to God you see tomorrow, nope
They gave my ni**a 30 for a jar of dope
But do a ni**a dirty with a bar of soap
Blowing so much you sneezing d*ck
Believe in me I don’t believe in s**t
Y’all pinching pennies? I’m squeezing drip
It’s Young Money till I’m in the freezer stiff

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Capo)
It’s all about the money ni**a f**k the fame
Where we come from shots ring ni**a broad day
Lil woadie said he had the chance he do the sh*t again
Pop the pills for the pain but still won’t feel a thing
It’s deeper than this rapper man the back soaking gang
Cartier frames got them looking at me strange
Why pre mostly heard in the rally same?
Lowkey can still get a brick off my name
Now I’mma tell you this here for my younging and them
The same ones I help the corners with do numbers with
If there ever was a problem watch them pull up quick
Caught an L sticking to the script you know I switched
We now switch

(Repeat Chorus)