Gage – Louw Di Style Lyrics

Louw di style
Louw di style
Louw di style
Done DJ yo waan sharp go get a file
Mi si down and a pree more while
Some big man waan sound like child

Know mi from mi black so what if mi get brown now
Mi know yo a nuh suh never sound
You cyaa dis a man a country
And yo cyaa dis a man weh in a town now

Louw da supn yah
Yo si da flow yah
Louw da supn yah
Yo si da style yah
Louw da supn yah
A which style you a talk bout

Louw da supn yah
Si da style yah
Louw da supn yah
Wa mi seh? Louw da swupn yah
A which style again?

(Verse 1)
Mi know you from nineteen how long
Mi nuh know if you a badman
But a one thing mi sure hi nuh man
How much song you do and a the first mi hear yo twang
Jamaica tell mi if mi wrong
Pasta you a nam
Wannabe pepper you a big onion
Low mi and galang meck mi gwaan sing mi song

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
The style a nuh pickney
It nuh put up fi no adoption
So why you tek mi style suh mi don
You stop live off a counteraction
And stop build yo name off a controversial
First thing, stop out a gas station
Gone wid mi slang
No sah mi naw do no more song
Tek it and galang unuh cyaa meck one

(Repeat Chorus 2X)