Lil Wayne – I Feel Good Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Lord I think I’m balling too hard
And my girlfriend think she too much, all she do is get pretty
I get s**t faced, don’t we make a cute couple?
To a broke heart we look like 2 bucks
I gotta posse full of hittas and a pocket full of In God We Trust
It’s been so long since I said “It cost too much
I’m so addicted to the fast money lifestyle
And withdrawal s**ks And dead presidents act immortal
But I know you see money’s not a problem
Bald like a butch bi**h
Let’s go on a shopping spree, take that sh*t to Goodwill
Money in the shoebox, what’s up with all these shoeboxes?
Baby I’m my own boss, Dwayne you gon get you fired

But I feel Good, I knew that I would, yeah, I feel Good
I’m smoking that good, I feel good my girl got that good, yeah
Girl your pu**y so good
And these hoes is no good
But I got you, yeah
Girl your pu**y so good
And these hoes is no good
But I got you, yeah

(Verse 2)
Tunechi, baby, yeah)
They say boy put some money aside
Don’t tell me what to do with mine
All my kids already rich and they kids, and they kids
They think money grow on trees and as tall as they grew I climbed
Knock, knock. Who’s There? Ha
I told the bi**h it’s just money the road can get a lil bumpy
So on the low I got that blow and ya know it’s gon feel like a trumpet
I’m going home to my lil mama, she call me Big Poppa, she get hard d*ck and McDonalds
Cause she so tired of them Whoppers
I f**ked her good so proper, she say my name in opera
I turn into a piranha and eat it like tilapia
She know I’m going through a lot so she say my name in Gospel
No weapon formed against Weezy shall prosper and

(Repeat Chorus)

And I feel good
Tunechi, baby, I feel good
Like diamonds on wood, yeah, I feel good my girl got that good girl, yeah
Girl yo pu**y so good and these hoes is no good, but I got you yeah