Meek Mill – Stand Up Lyrics

(Intro – Meek Mill & DJ Khaled)
When you go out, you want an obituary or a documentary?
Which one you want Khaled?
I want money
A documentary, right?
I want that too
We gotta make movies

(Verse 1)
Bright lights attracted bad bi**hes
And attracted to mad ni**as
Whoever thought lil ol Meek Milly’d pass Jigga?
I’m just thinking a tad bigger
You ni**as talk fly, only fly at your last picture
And you look like the last pitcher
I just hit a home run, on clash with us
And this money, murder, power, coming for the ass, ni**a, ass, ni**as
Last ni**a, there were cemeteries digging grass, ni**a
The obituary leaves the last scripture
Mama said he was a good kid, thinking would kid
I signed my deal with my AP on
In the drop top with the AC on
Stunting with Cash Money, get my Baby on
No, never f**k a chick that got Bakers on
Or no Michael Kors
I’m on the same s**t that Mike was on
Jordan, Jackson, Tyson on
I’ve seen ni**as your type twice before
I’m in that white velour, look at the flights I bought
These mothaf**king hoes got a right to raw
When a young real ni**a light the floor
Hundred black bottles, man that’s lights galore
Before Tom was Ford, I’m talking Honda Accord
Looking for a plug, tryna find the cord
Ni**as getting shot tryna find the Lord
This bust down Rollie say the time is yours
I get my grinding on
Like rude girl in the reggae, it was mayday
Started with a water gun until I got an AK
Kids in the projects when we was by the bay, bay
Kids with the Pyrex, I hit it first, Ray J

When the lights low, and the show starts
And the champagne spill on your bow tie
And your dawg change up, playing both sides
No it won’t stop, when the dope stop
When the fed rush in the dope spot
And your main man tell em how the coke drop
How he rain danced with me by the boat dock
I know when he did that, I bet that your ghost drop
I hope that you stand up
Young ni**a just man up
I’m just hoping you stand up
Young ni**a just man up
I just hope that you man up and don’t give the fam up
I just hope that you man up and don’t give the fam up
Real ni**a for life

(Verse 2)
As the rain drop, drop on the pavement
I came through my hood Mulsanne’n
On the block all night like I ain’t famous
I still run with the same ni**as I came with
Where I came from, when I came in
We eating lobster and steak from Top Ramen
Oodles noodles, when you’re hungry them killers’ll do you
And when you’re getting to that money them people pursue you
The Feds lurking, the streets watching
Them hoes talking, like he got it
And he nervous, cause we plotting
We call that boy for a burner and we rob him
Like Batman, pu**y ni**as getting backhand
Talking to the people you a at man
Half rack, we got more ghosts than Pac-Man
And for that paper we be grinding like a lapdance
Get the money young ni**a
Get the money, never fold, cause they coming young ni**a
When the feds get to rushing, better not tell on young ni**a
Don’t be selfish young ni**a, just man up, don’t give the fam up
Facing 20 years when they added them grams up
Plus 5 more, he got booked with a handgun
And now he in the courtroom, giving his mans up
Rat ass ni**a

(Repeat Chorus)