Meek Mill – Classic Feat. Swizz Beatz & Jeremih Lyrics

(Intro – Swizz Beatz)
Woo It’s hot outside man
Meek Millys coming daddy

(Verse 1 – Meek Mill)
Hundred for the walkthrough, I’m not who you talk to
Drive by and wet you up, ni**a thats a carpool
Spitting all this hot s**t, every single bar cool
Diamonds in the rollie face, animated cartoon
Call me Meek Milly, I don’t play that s**t
Got me on my nappy braids before the Maybach clique
Riding in the wheels of fortune, Pat Sajak s**t
And all I rock is Balmain like I made that s**t
I’ve been, front row fashion week looking like I’m in the show
Sitting in the foreign leather, softer than a dinner roll
Make a movie on your bi**h, tell her friend to get a role
You thought she was innocent, we laughing like she been a ho
Chopping up those benzos, meet yo bi**h in the friend zone
She told you I was friendzoned, what? I’m in the endzone
Touchdown with a 2 point conversion, give her that d**k long
She busting like the clip long, uber to send your bi**h home ni**a
It’s hot outside, it’s Meek Milly season

(Chorus – Swizz Beatz)
I got a fever b**ch
Hot outside, I got a fever bi**h
Feeling sick, I got a fever bi**h
In these philly streets situations is
Police ain’t respecting the youth and
The youth ain’t respecting the truth and
The Glock 9 on me in the booth and
All I talk is that real s**t the truth and

(Verse 2 – Meek Mill)
The money turned your bi**h into a gold digger
The money got me feeling like the old Jigga
And Jigga even told me you a cold ni**a
They ain’t believe me I was broke but I showed ni**as
And I told ni**as that I would expose ni**as
Went to buy a pair of sneaks, landed at the Royce dealer
Brand new paper tag, haters never made me mad
You can ask your baby momma, I’m flyer than her baby dad
Looking at my neck, what that cost? Hundred eighty cash
Looking at my bi**h, she remind me of a Stacey Dash
We was selling rock before Kareem Biggs, Damon Dash
Oh you think you fly with your lil’ Dream Chasing ass?
We don’t chase bi**hes, we chase money and that D’usse
Cause when you get money, the hoes do whatever you say
Riding in a drop head, Phantom with the toupee
And if you’re just hearing this, then it’s probably too late

(Repeat Chorus)

(Outro – Swizz Beatz)
Meek Milly, Mack Milly
Get smacked silly, come to Philly
Come see it live in direct
You know it, God dammit