Meek Mill – The Trillest Lyrics

(Chorus – Meek Mill)
Was the money good?
Was em bi**hes bad? Was they f**king good?
Did your hood show you love? Did the hoes say you fly?
If your friends say you’re loyal, throw your rollies in the sky
For the trillest, for the trillest
As the champagne pours and the campaign roars
And the lights shine bright every night they applaud for the trillest

(Verse 1 – Meek Mill)
See my momma cry too many tears
And we been broke like too many years
It ain’t too many kids, a couple homies, there ain’t too many there
And they all gotta eat, they got too many kids
To many kids with no fathers, doing too many bids
Too many bids, judge gave em kids too many years
As soon as you get that money, that’s as soon they appear
Sue me, you owe something, they assuming you’ll share
And yeah, I’ve been losing touch with my family, it ain’t the same
I should’ve gave my sister some money, but I made it rain
I should’ve hit the crib with my son and played a game
But instead I ended up at the jeweller to make a chain
It’s a sad saying when you make money it make you change
Like four quarters, the fourth quarter, I make a lane
Sh*t, I had to walk forward they talking bout taking trains
And taking planes, I put the work in and made the name
But the question is

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Meek Mill)
I never wanted to be like Mike, I wanted to be like Mitch
Now all the lil ni**as wanna be like this
I wear my chain in any city, let you see my s**t
Cause I earned that, it’s on me, I’mma keep my s**t
I got blood on my money, ether in my soul
Do you know the feeling during Easter with no clothes?
Now it’s stars in the ceiling, bringing ether out the rose
With the curtains on the windows, I’m just peeking at my ghost
Money made me iller, already was realer
Young kings killing young kings over skrilla
That’s why I ride around mac on me like I was Miller
Or Reggie when I shoot for that three
They drop fetty, that’s good money
Come to my city, we talk heavy and die young
When we get some paper, we cop Prezis and ride rim
20 inch rims for the dope boy
Selling that coke boy, trapping on your note boy
Got that buy it all money, f**k I need a note for
In them school hallways, f**k I need a note for
We ain’t wanna go to class, we was selling coke raw
The principal was copping too, hit him with a snowball

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Meek Mill)
Looking for the intro
I was at the dealer looking for another Benzo
Matching kicks with my Kenzo, young ni**a
Heart of a lion, hungry as hippo
When I was on my last, nobody ain’t tell me s**t though
Flow slicker than Crisco, ni**as talking, I get low
Do my thing, they jump back, know how that s**t go
And they say I’m arrogant
I’m still eating steak with the asparagus
When I get that money like I married it
1 milly, 2 milly, 3 milly, buried it
Since they say I’m underground, I run that bi**h like Harriet
Rolls Royce pushing real slow like a chariot
Pull up on them ni**as that doubted me, s**t embarrassing
I’mma real ni**a with money, never cherish it
You a fake ni**as with money, it’s no comparison
Told me that I couldn’t get signed when I was rapping it
And told me I couldn’t do songs when I was battling
They told me that I couldn’t be trapper, I started trapping it
Never listen to em, oh well, s**t is immaculate
I’mma just go sit up in this Bach again
Smoke the weed and laugh at them
Make a couple million by accident
Couple ni**as dropped on Twitter, they say they back again
Couple months later on Twitter they say us laxative
Sh*tted on em, Nicki voice, did it on em Benjamins
Plently of em Benjamins, semi on him and he on a
Whole nother level from before now
Tell my ni**as when I see a hundred mil its going down
When I made my first mil, I was like it’s on now
Then I made my second mil, money on the floor now
Then I made my third mil, I’m like I need more now
I got in my zone and that money started pouring down
Every time I hit the booth, microphone torn down
We couldn’t get a pair of Pumas, we up in the store now, bi**hes