Jane Zhang – Fighting Shadows feat. Big Sean Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Jane Zhang)
No more running
We are on the edge of what could be the end

(Pre-Chorus – Jane Zhang)
Don’t come any closer to me
I guarantee you that’s not what you want
I’m sure you thought that I would just lay down
But you were wrong

(Chorus – Jane Zhang)
Give me all you got, don’t hold nothing back
Promise you you’re gonna need it
Take your best shot, I’ll just give it back
I’m on the winning side, we won’t be defeated
I’m not afraid to die cause life is a battle
And fighting me, it’ll be like fighting shadows

(Verse 2 – Jane Zhang)
No surrender
I know how this ends, have been there
And it doesn’t look good for you

(Repeat Pre Chorus)

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Big Sean)
It’s all about survival, I’m doing whatever’s liable
To spend a day and a night with me, prolly could write a novel
I’m going through Hell and back so every room got a Bible
My enemies and my rivals is prolly within a mile
I’m ready
They want me to lay down or stay down but that ain’t my fate now
I’m a hundred percent if you’re testing my faith
That I’m from a city where war is a playground
I’ve been living right and wrong, honestly it’s just so much to say
But only God can judge me, if I die today it’s judgement day, straight up

(Repeat Chorus)