Popcaan – Inna Yuh Belly Lyrics

Gyallis a nuh peace treaty
Bring yo pu**y come meck mi ill-treat hi
Unruly nuh eat sweetie
Open you legs neatly

Gyal inna yo belly mi gone
Wooii inna yo belly mi gone
And mi nuh f**k gyal inna uniform
Wooii inna yo belly mi gone
Trudy a seh shi love unruly man
So come yah nuh Trudyann

Yo pu**y tight suh
Inna yo belly mi gone
Wooii inna yo belly mi gone

(Verse 1)
Hey gyal mi seh open yo legs like computer
Da wine deh meck mi come faster
Cho bomboclaat, what a gyal bad massa
Mi find the church call pastor
Mi haffi married her cause shi a buddy master
Mi ready fi gi her a daughter
Shi waan fi do other things
Waan cause a disaster
Unruly nuh tek brata

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Gyal si wi and bubble, bubble
Waan bring her friend dem that a double trouble
Jardan rev her out like the VW
If you pu**y fat mi would a feel up you

Mi waan know a how your pu**y suh tight
Yo grip mi like when wi deh pon the bike
Drive and pick mi up like a satellite
But all wa a gwaan a yo friend mi like

(Repeat Chorus)